Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Christmas is my one of my favorite holidays (it is tied with thanksgiving)....This year i had an amazing Christmas, i got to spend the day with my family and fiance :) I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Every Christmas eve we have a big family dinner, then we open the presents that we got one another. On Christmas day we usually go to my fiancé's parents house but this year he had to work so we will be celebrating Christmas with them on new years day!

Ever since I can remember I have been wearing red on Christmas eve, either a red piece of clothing or a red accessory. This year I opted for a red blouse, leather leggings and lace pumps (that I just bought in Chicago, more on that trip later)

Christmas eve:

....'I got that classic red lip thing that you like'....I'm so obsessed with TSwift's new song style, of course i had to quote it ;)

Fiance and BC my dog, everybody got into the Christmas Spirit :)

 Shirt (Exact here) // Leather Leggings (Similar here) // Lace Pumps (Similar here and here)

Shoes so pretty they deserve their own picture ;)

My parents are so cute!!! My beautiful mother that is where I get my sense of style from. My wonderful dad, that is where i get my smile and wonderful sense of humor from :)

Somebody didn't want to take pictures, he just wanted to play with his new toy.

Finally got a nice picture with him...but he wasn't too happy I took his new toy aka christmas present away hahaha!! One of the best gifts I got that Pit bull love picture from my fiancé :)

Two of my favorite finance and my little brother :)

Don't be fooled he only wore his Christmas sweater for about 10 minutes hahahaha


The perfect Christmas <3

Family <3 (Again somebody wasn't in the mood to take pictures! Hahaha!)

Christmas Day:

Most of my Christmas day was spend in PJs eating leftovers (don't judge me is the holidays!) When my fiancé got off work we decided to keep the Pipes family tradition and go to the movies on Christmas day. We went to watch the hobbit!! I highly recommend it, it was a fantastic movie :)

Christmas Day calls for a Christmas sweater!!!

Meowy Christmas!!! hahahaha (get it? because cat sweater)

Boots (Similar here) // Sweater (Similar here) // Jeans (Exact here)

My Kendra Scott earrings my sisters got me :)
(Exact here)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!! :)

Love, Isabel

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