Friday, May 8, 2015

Engagement Pictures

I cannot believe our wedding is less than 5 months away!! 133 days to be exact :)

Planning a wedding from a thousand miles away can be stressful, but thanks to my wonderful fiancé and our families I have been able to really enjoy the process almost completely stress free! I say almost because I've had my little freak outs (I promise just little ones!)

At the end of March we did one of the things that made me the most nervous about the wedding planning process...We took our engagement pictures!!! Let me just say that for someone who loves taking pictures of herself as much as I do (no shame right? haha) I was really nervous about the engagement pictures! There is just so much pressure on one set of pictures that I felt that they had to be perfect! Well let me tell you, it is not as bad as it seems specially when you have an amazingly talented photographer and a goofball for a fiancé (he can always make me laugh, no matter what)

We met our photographer Stephanie Rogers through my friend Ariel, Stephanie photographed Ariel's wedding and those pictures were nothing short of amazing! The first time we met Stephanie in person, we instantly hit it off! She is as obsessed with her cat as I am with my dog! It was a match made in crazy pet lady heaven!! After 10 minutes of meeting with Stephanie and her husband Bradley we knew they were the perfect people to capture our wedding story!

The day of our engagement pictures we met at the Houston Water Wall; ever since I saw a picture of the water wall on Pinterest I knew that would be the perfect place to take pictures. I was so nervous when we got there I couldn't think straight. After a couple of awkward shots in front of the camera, Stephanie and Bradley made us feel so comfortable that all of my nerves melted away (I say all of my nerves because Andy wasn't nervous at all, he is like a GQ model in front of the camera) Needless to say the pictures surpassed my expectations!!

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our Engagement Session:

Thank You Stephanie and Bradley for an amazing and fun engagement session! I cannot wait to see what y'all do for my Bridal Pictures and our wedding day!!!

Love, Isabel

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