Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend round-up

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I am so happy to be back home and enjoy this wonderful warm weather!!! I am slowly starting to incorporate Spring trends into my wardrobe and it is making me really happy!!!! :)

It is a good thing I really liked my outfit on Friday since I had to wear it Saturday as well because I got stuck in Detroit for the night. It took me two days to get home, but I am so happy to be back in Texas <3

So here is my weekend round-up:


My favorite color is pink, I usually don't wear pink but this spring one of my goals is to incorporate more pink into my wardrobe :)

Sweater (Similar Here) // White Jeans (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) // 
Bracelet (Exact Here) // Watch (Similar Here) //
Nail Polish (Exact Here)

Earrings (Exact Here) // Texas Necklace (Exact Here)


Kimono (Exact Here) // Jeans (Exact Here) // Bracelet (Exact Here) //
Shoes (Exact Here)

Necklace (Exact Here) // Shirt (Similar Here and loving this)

Love, Isabel

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fab Florals

It finally feels like spring outside!! The snow is melting and the sun is shining, which means I can start wearing a few of my favorite things: pretty pastels and wonderful florals!

Today's outfit was inspired by all the wonderful things that come with spring :)

Blush, florals and KS: (My hair is finally getting longer!!! )

Blazer (Exact Here) // Blouse (Exact Here) // Necklace (Exact Here) //
Pants (Similar Here) // Shoes (Exact Here - On sale right now!)

Some pretty additions to my closet! They are all under $20 :)

Watercolor (Exact Here) // Mint Lace (Similar Here) // Floral (Exact Here)

Only a week away from the first day of spring!! Happy Friday Eve!! :)

Love, Isabel

Monday, March 9, 2015

Apple Watch

I know today is not Tuesday but Tech Tuesday couldn't wait this week...

Apple is a big part of my life; I own an iPad mini, regular iPad, MacBook Air, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, iPod Shuffle and an iPod touch that I've had for about 8 you can say I drank the 'Apple Juice' since I was in high school (I had to make a lame joke haha)

When the apple watch was first revealed last fall I was super excited and I was ready to invest $400 to get one...Then today the official apple watch reveal happened; I am actually getting live updates as I'm typing this...can't watch the live video stream because it is only supported by safari (surprise, surprise...)

The Apple watch....

Apple came out with three different collections depending on your lifestyle, my favorite of course is the Apple watch edition in Rose Gold with a navy band (it is also rumored to be the most expensive)

Apple Watch Sport:

Apple Watch Collection:

Apple Watch Edition:

My favorite by far; but I would change the wristband to Navy (The Apple watch I like is $17,000...)

Here are a couple of reasons why I would consider buying the apple watch:

1) Boarding Pass on your wrist: As somebody that travels a lot, having my boarding pass on my wrist would be very helpful! It would take me a while to get used to not having paper boarding passes, even now I don't use the app on my phone to look up my boarding pass, I always print them at the kiosk...I have a couple of questions about this app do you have to take the watch off to scan your boarding pass? or turn your wrist? Also will this work for every airline? (picture is showing American Airlines)

2) Get Active Reminders: Having a desk job makes for a very sedentary day, sometimes I can spend up to four hours at my desk without moving. Reminders to get active would be very helpful to lead a healthier lifestyle.

3) Instagram: As if I wasn't on instagram more than i should, now it will be on your wrist...But can you take selfies from your watch???

4) Apple Pay on your wrist: Not that I need any more reasons to shop, but not having to carry a credit card/purse while shopping would be so much better!

5) Unlock Your Hotel Room: To be honest I don't know how I feel about this feature; on one side it would be so nice not to have to worry about carrying a hotel key (I either lose my key or leave it in my room at least twice a week.) On the other side, working in software development I know how unpredictable new software can be and there will always be glitches/bugs that people didn't find. This could be an easy target for hackers and they could potentially break into your room, I don't know how safe I would feel with this feature...

Now let's talk about price...
It is rumored that the basic apple watch will start at $349 for the small face (38mm) and $399 for the large face (42mm) and go up to $10,000 depending on the model (for that price I will take a Rolex!) CNET
  • Starting Price for the watch sport - $350
  • Starting Price for the watch collection - $550
  • Higher end 18-karat gold and Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition - $10,000up to $17,000 (for that price it better have teleportation features)
  • Different wristbands will be sold separately, adding cost to the individual watches USA Today 

So with all that being said....Will I get the Apple watch when it comes out? I will probably not get it as soon as it comes out but I will eventually get it, most likely after the second generation of apple watches comes out, once they have found more bugs and fixed them...I will love to play with the new Apple Watch but I am not willing to pay that price just to see how much I can do with it.

If you are interested in re-ordering the Apple watch you can do so here starting on Apple 10, 2015 --> Apple Watch

On April 10 it will also be available at stores so people can see it, try it on, and play with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will be available in stores and will start shipping on April 24th.

My favorite part of the Apple Live Event...the new MacBook now comes in gold!!!! :) #finally

Let me know what you think about the Apple Watch and if you would get one!

Love, Isabel

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Fever: Workwear Edition

Y'all, I am suffering of something very serious, it happens every's called spring fever. I am not going to lie, the snow might be beautiful but it is getting old. Below zero temperatures and big winter coats are so last season! It is time for the flowers to bloom and the temperatures to rise (wishful thinking, I know...) Since it is still below zero in Michigan and there is snow on the ground and more snow coming our way, I am going to keep myself happy by putting together pretty spring outfits that I will be able to wear to work...Hopefully in the next couple of weeks...

I have put together a couple of outfits inspired by Pantone's top ten colors for spring 2015!


1. Aquamarine

Chambray Shirt (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) // Pants (Exact Here)

2. Scuba Blue

Skirt (Exact Here) // Necklace (Exact Here) // Pumps (Exact Here) // Blouse (Exact Here)

3. Lucite Green

 Pants (Exact Here) // Blazer (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) // Necklace (Exact Here) //
Blouse (Exact Here)

4. Classic Blue

Pants (Exact Here) // Blouse (Exact Here) // Earrings (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here)

5. Toasted Almond 

Dress (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) // Statement Necklace (Exact Here) //
Coat (Exact Here)

6. Strawberry Ice

Pants (Exact Here) // Necklace (Exact Here) // Shirt (Exact Here) // 
Jacket (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here)

7. Tangerine

Pants (Exact Here) // Blazer (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) //
Earrings (Exact Here) // Blouse (Exact Here)

8. Custard

Shirt (Exact Here) // Shoes (Exact Here) // Pants (Exact Here
Clutch (Exact Here) // Necklace (Exact Here)

9. Glacier Gray and Marsala

Source (Glacier Gray/Marsala)    

Pants (Exact Here) // Shirt (Exact Here) // Pumps (Exact Here)

Happy Humpday!

Love, Isabel

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