Monday, December 8, 2014

All I want for Christmas is a 5 day weekend

Oh Monday....

As I sit here at the airport after being told that my 7am flight was delayed by 4 hrs, I can't help but think that it is somehow Monday's fault hahaha! I really dislike you right now Monday I could've gotten an extra 4 hrs of sleep (waking up at 8am sounds way better than waking up at 4am) I guess looking on the positive side I'll get to catch up on the blog and of course with some work :)

Lately it feels like the weekends have been going by faster than usual. I don't like it (insert crying face emoji here) I had a great weekend with my family and fiance but it was far too short! Maybe is the running around trying to get christmas presents, or trying to plan a wedding that has made it feel shorter. I need at least 3 extra days in my weekend (can I still ask santa for a 5 day weekend???)

Anyway....enough wining about the weekend and on a more positive note; it feels like fall in Texas again!!!!! :) After a couple of weeks of 75+ weather (in December, I wouldn't complain if it was summer time!) yesterday it was in the low 50s, which made me really happy because I got to break out my sweaters and scarfs again!!!! (not that there isn't an opportunity to do that in Michigan, thank you 20 degree weather)

Yesterday my fiancé and I met with a wedding photographer, I wanted to wear something that was polished yet laid back. I woke up a little later that I would have wanted so it also had to be easy and comfortable, 8am is way to early on a Sunday morning! I decided on some of my favorite staples, a chunky sweater (which by the way I got on sale on friday!), one of my favorite vest, leggings and a blanket scarf. 

Scarf (Exact here) // Sweater (Exact here and Similar here) // Vest (Similar here and here) //
Boots (Similar here) // Leggings (Similar here) // Purse (Exact here)

Monogram Necklace (Similar here)

It is my favorite time of the year...when Starbucks Snowman cookies are back!!!!! :)

Later in the afternoon I helped my family rake the leafs off the yard so we could finish decorating the house for christmas :) I found a leaf that was almost as big as my head, I was way too excited about of course i had to take a picture!!! (I know, I am a dork)

I hope you have a wonderful week!!!! Make the best of each day this week...even if it is a Monday :)

Love, Isabel

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