Friday, October 24, 2014

Plum Perfect

One of my favorite colors this fall is plum!! It's so pretty and flattering on every skin tone. I had been on the hunt for the perfect pair of plum dress pants and I wasn't having any luck. Then a couple of weeks ago I was at the J.Crew Factory store in Michigan and they were having a huge sale! Little did I know that the pair of pants that I had been looking for was there and best of all 40% off!!! :)

One thing you should know about  me is that I hate boring pants! One of my favorite parts about dress pants is that they come in a lot of different colors, patterns and textures but thy still look professional enough to wear to the office. My staple "safe" outfit for work is always a colorful pair of pants and a neutral top (yes, leopard/cheetah print is a neutral!), and great heels.

I decided to wear my super comfortable plum pants with a cheetah print shirt and black pumps. The shirt was the main focus of this outfit because the plum pants acted like a neutral and complemented the shirt. Plum is the perfect accent color, it commands attention but it doesn't overwhelm your outfit. The shoes I wore with this outfit are just black pump, but the are so cute and SUPER comfortable!!!

Black Pumps (Nine West), Leopard Print Shirt (LOFT 50% off right now!!!) Plum Pants (these are the pants but they no longer have plum - JCrew Factory,  some similar; and i actually have these as well  - LOFT, more here JCrew)

Here are some of the things on my wish list for this fall - and guess what...they are PLUM!!! :)

1) A plum pea coat: As far as I am concern Plum is the new black, and this coat is to die for :)

2) Plum Winter accessories: gloves, scarfs, thights!!! Everything we need to keep warm :)

Scarf Source: Marley Lilly
The best part about this scar is that it can be monogrammed! Everything is better with a monogram!! :)

Plum Tights! This picture is actually from last winter with my handsome fiancé and my sweet dog :) I love the pop of color in the tights with the navy dress! It was the perfect Christmas outfit. I believe i got these tights at target a couple of years ago but there are some good choices here, here, and here.

3) Plum Lipstick: I have been obsessed with plum lipstick for quite sometime now (thank you pinterest). It is as classy as red lipstick, but with the fun look that pink lipstick offers. I like to wear my plum lipstick with a winged eye and lots of mascara.

The one I am wearing in this picture is from Bite and I got it at Sephora, you can find it here. Some other good options are here and here.

Also I decided to go back to my dark hair for fall!! I am really liking it so far!!! :)

Love, Isabel 

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