Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leopard and Lace

I really love my job, one of the many reasons why I really love my job is because I get to dress up every single day!!

Now let's talk about Monday, oh Monday.....Mondays are those days that everyone hates, and for me it is always harder to get out of bed on Monday mornings. This week it was particularly hard to get up on Monday morning (I landed in Michigan late Sunday night and forgot to eat dinner), so when I got out of bed I needed something that would get me through that day....something stronger than coffee! I needed the perfect outfit!!

The way you dress can dictate the way your day goes (at least that is true for me.) If you don't like what you are wearing then you don't feel comfortable and that can cause you to be in a bad mood or have a miserable day, on the contrary if you LOVE what you are wearing you will always have a great day or turn a bad day into a good one!! :) A great outfit can do wonders, it can make you feel confident and beautiful, when you are confident you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Another thing that will put a smile on your face an a pep on your step throughout the day is great accessories! Accessories always complete an outfit, jewelry can turn an ok outfit into a great one and a killer pair of shoes can make you stand out in the crowd and walk taller. The right outfit and accessories combo can make you command attention when you walk in a room (the good kind of attention)

With all of that in mind I decided on a pair of express lace pants, leopard pumps and an emerald sweater with a jeweled collar.

Similar Lace Pants (Express), Similar Shoes (Nine West), Similar Sweater (LOFT)

First let me talk about the pants, they are my favorite pair of pants, they are classic, wrinkle free (which is very important for when I pack for the week), but still have an edge to them. The front of the pants has a lace applique that makes the pants stand out but it doesn't overwhelm your outfit. These pants are professional enough that I wore them to a client meeting on Monday afternoon :)

Now let's talk about the sweater, I have been in a green kick lately when i found this emerald green sweater with an embellish collar I was so excited; and the best part it was 40% off!!! :) This sweater is 3/4 sleeve and thin enough that you are not sweating when they turn on the heater inside the building, but it is warm enough that you can throw on a jacket and you wont be freezing in 40 degree weather (thank you Michigan I am rolling my eyes at your fall-feels-more-like-winter weather)

Last but definitely not least, the shoes!!!! I am so excited about these shoes, they are super cute, classy and surprisingly comfortable!!! (YAY! That's the dream) I got these shoes a couple of weeks ago and I have already worn them plenty of times. These shoes are the type of shoes that can complete an outfit or be the focal point of an outfit. They were also comfortable enough that my feet were not killing me after walking 6 blocks to a meeting downtown :) Even though my outfit consisted of a lot of different elements (leopard, lace and sparkle), it didn't look busy, all of the colors and patterns complemented one another.

To keep warm in the chilly Michigan October weather I decided on a short leather jacket with tweed sleeves and a Target Zara Inspired plaid scarf! :)

Similar leather Jacket (Ann Taylor), Similar Plaid Scarf (Zara)

Love, Isabel 

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