Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lipsense Review

Y'all have probably heard about the lipstick sensation Lipsense, it claims to be transfer proof and wear all day long! On Today's Blogpost I will be reviewing their lip products! I put Lipsense to the test for a little over a month and decided to share with y'all an honest review, plus the pros and cons I found while using this product!

Let me begin by saying that when a friend of a friend reached out to me and asked me if I would review this products, I was a little skeptical. I usually don't like gimmicky products, they make me feel like I am wasting my money! But oh boy was I wrong!! The first couple of times that I used it I was unsure how I felt about the product, but the more I used it the more I liked it!!

Although I really enjoy this product I also found some cons I thought would be worth mentioning! See my full list of Pros and Cons below!


  • It doesn't transfer: The first thing I did after getting my hands on this product was to drink a cup of Starbucks coffee! It was amazing when I took multiple sips from my coffee and there was no transfer on the lid.
  • It lasts 12 hrs+: Every other Monday I travel to Vermont and that is a very long commute! I am usually at the airport for 10 hours or more. One of the Mondays I wore lipsense I just happened to get delayed for 4 hrs so I was at the airport for 15 hours and for the first 12 hours my lipstick still looked great without having to reapply the color!!
  • You can "refresh" the color: You can reapply the gloss as many times as you want to make your lipstick look fresh again, on an average 12 hr day I usually reapply the gloss 2 to 3 times.
  • It doesn't come off: I was very impressed with this lip product when I ate a salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and the lipstick was still there! Even after wiping my mouth a couple of times. Of course the gloss came off but the color was intact.
  • It makes your lips look healthy: The gloss contains shea butter so the more you use this product the healthier you lips look.
  • It is vegan: After doing some research I found out that this product is vegan. I decided to add this in my list of pros because I know a lot of people only use vegan make up products.
  • Lipsense is not tested on animals
  • It is gluten free
  • You don't need a lip liner: You can actually use the lipsense want tip to line your lips if you are using darker colors :)
  • It doesn't have a taste: I know some lip products have artificial tastes and I am not a fan of that, lipsense doesn't have any taste at all.
  • You can layer colors to create a custom shade: There are tons of tutorials on pinterest and youtube on how you can layer colors to create a custom shade.
  • They have tons of colors!! They have 70+ colors, which means there is a shade for everyone!


  • It has a strong chemical smell: I'll admit I am very sensitive to smells, and the lip color has a strong chemical smell. It doesn't bother me as much since it fades shortly after application.
  • It stings: The first couple of times you apply this product it stings because the alcohol in the lip color helps get rid of the dead skin on your lips. The first few times I used it my lips really burned it was actually quite painful, but after the 3rd time it didn't burn or sting anymore.
  • Price tag: The lip color alone is $25, the starter kit which is the color, remover and gloss is $55. You don't have to get the remover when you buy lipsense, but you do have to purchase the glossy gloss otherwise the staying power and lip color won't work. I thought the price was a little high; the price is comparable to a Tom Ford lipstick,  but you do get 3 items instead of just 1.
  • Application process: It is a 4 step application process, so you have to allow some time to apply. This is not a product that you can apply when you are on a rush. 
  • It doesn't come off: I know I added this on my list of pros as well, but the lip color is really hard to take off. You have to either use the lipsense opps remover to take it off or the this Neutrogena bar soap.
  • Formula is not super comfortable: The formula feels like you have product on your lips, it is not the most lightweight formula. This doesn't bother me too much but i thought it was worth mentioning.
  • It will emphasize any texture/dry skin on your lips: This only happens the first couple of times you use the product.
  • You have to exfoliate your lips: For this product to look the best you have to exfoliate your lips (I do it every other day), specially if you wear wax-based lip products in between Lipsense wears.

Final Thoughts:

  • Is it worth the price? In my opinion this is worth the price, specially if you are going to wear this product daily. It stays all day and you don't have to re-apply! This chart compares Lipsense ounces and price to other popular brands.
  • Will I keep using it/purchase more colors? Absolutely! I actually really enjoy wearing it to work because I don't have to worry about my lip color fading and looking like a crazy person :) I actually want to get a couple darker colors, a red and maybe try the Matte and diamond top coats.
  • Will I stop using other lip products? No, I enjoy experimenting with different lipsticks, colors, and finishes so I will keep using other brands lip products (but exfoliating my lips after every use!)

Thank You to my wonderful Lipsense consultant Ellen for letting me try these products! If you are interested in trying out Lipsense you should join her Facebook page Lasting Lips by Ellen and check out her Instagram @lastinglipsbyellen, she has great tutorials and you can be up to date with what colors she has in stock.

Ellen was kind enough to give my readers a coupon code! My readers will get $5 off their starter kit or 10% off $100 or more with the code "TechionLips", code will be good through 3/22!

If you are interested in full list of the ingredients in Lipsense click here and here

I apologize for the lengthy post but I hope y'all enjoyed this review!

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