Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bridal Pictures

It might have taken me a year but my bridal pictures are finally on the blog...better late than never right? :)

I love loud and interesting outfits, and when it came down to picking out my wedding dress it was no different! I went in to try wedding gowns with an idea of what I thought I wanted and when I actually said yes to my dress I came out with something completely different!

Some of the things I learned while wedding dress shopping...

1. Don't bring too many people: I was the type of person that wanted all of my bridesmaids (I had nine) and my family to be with me when I tried on wedding gowns, but too many opinions can get overwhelming and it can turn this amazing process into a stressful situation.
2. Not everyone is going to like your dress: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after I picked out my wedding dress I had people tell me that they did not like it (including some family members), but I was sure of my decision. All that matters is that you love it!
3. Keep an open mind: During my first dress appointment I was waiting to try on a wedding gown with feathers and lots rhinestones (I told you I like different), in the mean time my bridal consultant brought in this dress for me to try on. I did not like the way it looked on the hanger and it was nothing like what I had in mind, but she convinced me to try it on and I am so glad she did because that was "THE" dress.
4. Accessorize! I love to accessorize and sometimes I even over do it, but when it comes to your wedding gown adding the right accessories can make it feel more you and more unique.
5. When you know, you know: Right before I went wedding dress shopping all of my married friends told me "Once you find the dress, you will know." I was a little skeptical, there was no way that putting on a dress was going to make me feel some sort of way. Well let me tell you, when you put on "THE" gown you get an amazing feeling, it's hard to explain but it just magical, it was at that moment that I truly realized that I was going to marry the love of my life. I am not a crier, but I bawled like a baby when I found my dress.

Dress: Hayley Paige
Bridal Salon: Stardust Bridal
Make Up: Jenny Vick

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  1. Hey dear, I loved this bridal shoot. These pictures are heart throbbing. My sister just got married and she had an awesome wedding shoot. Weather was just awesome at their destination Seattle Wedding venues. It was an extremely wonderful day.


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