Friday, May 20, 2016

Jewelry Collection

Growing up I loved playing dress up at my Grandmother's house, she has the biggest jewelry collection I have ever seen! I used to wear 5 or 6 six necklaces at a time and pretend I was a fabulous grown up (Just like my grandma!) My mom loves jewelry just as much as my grandma or maybe even more! She knows that the right accessories can improve an outfit and sometimes even your mood! Thanks to these two fabulous women my love for accessories started at a very young age.

As I got older I started building my own collection and if you ask my husband my jewelry collections needs to stop growing! (You can never have enough accessories right?!) A statement necklace can turn a plain t-shirt into and outfit, and the right earrings can frame your face and make you look put together. 

I am sharing some tips on how to start building your collection without spending a fortune!

1. Save on trendy pieces: Places like H&M and Forever 21 are great to get the trendy pieces at a lower price. I am obsessed with tassels this season but I don't like to spend a lot on these pieces because I might only wear them for one season and then forget about them. Some of my current favorite tassel pieces at the moment are here, here (under $5!!) and here.

2. Invest in statement pieces: Some of my favorite pieces in my collection are my Kendra Scott Harlow necklaces, they make a statement no matter how I wear them. When I feel like my outfits need something special I always throw on a Harlow necklace and it makes me feel like my outfit is complete. The best part about these necklaces is that they come in a lot different colors and metal. Harlow necklaces are on the higher price range but I justify the price by how much wear I get out of them, but BaubleBar also has some great statement necklaces for lower prices. Some great BaubleBar options are here, here and here

3. Shop the sales: There is only one thing I love more than a good sale and that is cute jewelry on sale! If there is an item that I really like but I am not willing to pay full price for it I set a sale alert on my ShopStyle app so I can get when it goes on sale.

4. Get unique pieces when you travel: Traveling is a great way to add pieces to your wardrobe. I always like to get accessories from places I visit because I know nobody else will have something like it and it can become a conversation starter!

5. Timeless pieces are a must: As much as I love trendy pieces and statement jewelry, a couple of pieces that I always recommend having as part of your collection are those that never go out of style. For me those pieces are pearls, diamond studs, my monogram and a great watch.

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