Sunday, September 21, 2014

Always on the go

After over a month of not blogging I AM BACK! :)

It has been a crazy month! The project I have been working on for my company for the past two years is coming to and end. It's a bittersweet feeling, I am very excited to start a new adventure but I am also extremely sad to leave the people I have been working with for the past 2 years. I guess that is the life of a consultant...

Enough with the sentimental let's get into the real important things...let's talk fashion....

Thanks to my job I spend two days out of the week either at the airport or on an airplane, I am always on the go....I can't complain too much it's really nice to get all the perks that come with being a frequent flier (hello first class) and I also get to see places that I didn't know existed!

There are also some cons that come with traveling for your job for example; flight delays, being away from loved ones, and having to decide your outfits for a whole week on Sunday morning....that means there is no room to change your mind if you don't feel like wearing something you packed, you are out of luck.

Planning outfits is not the hardest thing I have encountered while traveling...waking up at 3am heading to the airport and showing up to work at 3pm when I land in Vermont, that is the hardest thing I have encountered. This means that at 3am when I am getting ready (half asleep may I add) I have to look put together and professional enough to be at the office after 12 hours of travel. Comfort is a big thing for me, if I am not comfortable while I travel I get cranky and that is never a good thing. It has been a process trying to find a balance between presentable and comfortable. The majority of my co-workers travel wearing business casual attire; button ups and dress pants (they are mostly male and their flights are no longer than 2hrs. Lucky!) After over a year of full time travel I have finally found the perfect outfit and it's also very simple - comfy lose shirt, jeans of leggings, flats and accessories to dress up my outfit!

Tips for dressing for the airport:

1) Know the difference between being comfortable and looking like a slob: (yes,I am talking to the girl at the Philly airport wearing ripped Uggs and a comforter wrapped around her.) I get it, you are tired but that's no excuse to look like you literally just rolled of bet. Instead go for something easy and comfortable - and over-sized t-shirt, leggings (make sure they are not see through) and a pair of comfortable loafers, if you're still cold top it off with an over-sized knee length cardigan.

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe Leggings: Gap Top: Gap Shoes: Gianni Binni (No longer available similar linked)

2) Be practical: I will admit it I hate going through airport really sucks! They strip you down of your fashion, but it is something we all have to go through. When you are getting dressed in the morning think about airport security, don't have so many zippers, buckles, laces that it takes you 30 min just to get ready to go through security (I hate those people) make sure your shoes are easy to take off and put back on. I usually chose loafers or Converse during the summer, in the winter I like to wear boots or booties that are easy to take off. Another important thing is make sure your shoes don't hurt!!! You never know how many time you have to run across the airport to catch a flight (no that I have ever gotten distracted at the stores in the airport and had to run so I wouldn't miss my flight lol)

source: Pinterest

3) Layers, layers, layers: I cannot emphasize how important this is. Layers are your best friend when you are traveling. Planes are always freezing and airports are usually hot, so you want to be comfortable at all times. For me it gets a bit trickier; since I travel from Texas to Vermont there can be a huge difference in climates - for example right now it is 55 degrees in Vermont and 89 in Texas  so I have to make sure I am not burning up when I get to Texas and that I don't freeze once I get to Vermont.

Source: Southern Charm 

Love, Isabel 

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